Real Estate Disclosures: Your Rights As A Buyer

The limited time that you have to inspect the property that you intend to buy exposes you to the risk of picking up a defective property. And whether you are buying a home for your loved ones or simply purchasing real estate with the intention of flipping it, this can cause you to not only lose a lot of money, but also put your loved ones at at risk. Luckily, the law recognizes that you are at a disadvantage -- information-wise -- and requires the seller to let you know of significant defects that are on the property that they intend to sell you. [Read More]

Hurt In A Swimming Accident? 4 Factors That May Make You Liable

If you're injured on public property or at someone's residence, you may be able to sue for monetary compensation. Such money will come in very handy when the medical bills start rolling in. However, to win your case, you must show the court how the owner of the property was responsible for the accident. You must also prove that you weren't liable, even partially liable, for the incident. If the judge finds you liable or partially liable, it may reduce your reward or cause you to lose your case. [Read More]

3 Big Reasons Why Getting A DWI Charge Is Easier Than Most People Think

If you are the occasional social drinker and try to be careful about driving anytime you are the slightest bit intoxicated, you may think you are in the clear and will never be slapped with a DWI charge. Unfortunately, knowing when you are affected enough by alcohol or some other substance that you should not drive is not always as easy as a lot of people think. To ensure you never get charged with an unexpected DWI and the need for an attorney, you should familiarize yourself with these reasons why recognizing your inebriation may not be as easy as you think. [Read More]

2 Things You Can Do To Help Lighten Stress During A Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, you're probably experiencing a great deal of stress. Even if the divorce is the best thing for your mental health and your relationship, it is still hard to go through this major life change. Here are some things you can do to help manage the stress during a divorce. 1. Downsize Your Life Sadly, one of the biggest stressors you may face are finances. Divorcing can be incredibly expensive. [Read More]