3 Reasons To Outsource Corporate Law Services

If you are involved in the upper management of a large corporation, you might have thought about hiring an in-house legal team to work with your company. Even though this can seem like a good idea, you might find that outsourcing the corporate legal services that your company needs is a better choice. These are a few reasons why you may want to work with a corporate law firm rather than hiring attorneys to work in-house at your corporation. [Read More]

Are You Going Into Business With A Partner?

Have you decided to open a business with a family member or with a friend? Perhaps you and your brother have always been told that you make the best barbecue people have ever tasted. If so, you might have decided together that you should take that skill to a whole new level. Or it may be that you and a friend have been successful at selling your artwork and you have decided to open your own arts and crafts store. [Read More]

Ready To Get Back At Your Spouse With Your Divorce? Think Long Term And Be Thankful Down The Road

If you are ready to get a divorce and you want to go after everything that your spouse has, there are some things you have to consider first. Most importantly you have to realize that divorce can be a very long, costly, and stressful endeavor.  If you have kids, it can affect them in a variety of ways as well. Here are some of the things that you may want to try, so that you can get what you want, without letting divorce turn your life upside down. [Read More]

Where To Start Negotiations In A Car Or Motorcycle Accident: The Amount Stated In Your Demand Letter Matters

The amount stated in a demand letter to an insurance company is such an important part of the negotiation process that it should be talked about more. If you come in with too low or high a number in your demand letter for a car or motorcycle accident, you stand to lose. Depending on the number in the demand letter, you could be saying quite a few things. I'm willing to accept a low amount. [Read More]