2 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Social Media Accounts While Going Through A Divorce

When you are going through a divorce, your life will be turned upside down whether you wanted it or not. As per your usual routine, you may take to sharing your thoughts and feelings on your social media accounts. However, what you say or pictures that you show on these accounts could adversely affect the outcome of your divorce. Below are a couple of mistakes that you should never make while posting on your social media accounts while going through a divorce. [Read More]

Key Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Going Through A Divorce

Divorcing someone that you once shared a strong bond with is rarely an easy feat. A lot of emotions can get involved in the matter even if both of you have mutually decided that it's best to part ways. If you are still on speaking terms with the other person, you may not think it's necessary for you to bring an attorney into the mix. It might seem like you both are mature enough to handle the situation. [Read More]

What To Bring To Your First IEP Meeting

If you have a child that requires special education services, one of the first steps you have to take with the school is to schedule an IEP meeting. IEP stands for "Individualized Education Plan." It's a plan that you, the educator's at your school, and your child's behavioral or medical team develop to meet the unique educational needs of your child. Although this plan should evolve with the changing needs of your child, it's important that you advocate for the best initial plan as possible. [Read More]

What To Know Before Removing Someone From Your Will

Estate planning is vitally important for everyone. Before you die, you should have your entire estate planned and accounted for so those you leave behind will not have to go through a frustrating and difficult time sorting through your estate. As you plan your estate, you include those who you want to receive your assets in your will. Throughout your life, you have the opportunity to make changes to your will whenever you like. [Read More]